Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day one in the books

A pic from our trip to Oregon last summer.

My first day went very well.
Day 74 of my squat-push up-sit up challenge. I am going to do one of each Jan 1st then add one every day from then on till Dec 31st.

My wod was a half of Jerry, crossfit workout. Jerry is run 1 mile row 2K run 1 mile for time.
I walked the first half mile, ran 1/2 mile did 100 sumo deadlift high pulls then ran 1/2 mile walked 1/2 mile.
Total time 34:14   run & SDHP & run  17:45. It was an OK time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its go time!!!

I picked this picture because everyone should have some fun!

I am not going to try, I am going to post here everyday of the challenge. I am glad I decided to come and see where I left off while writing on here. The post before this one I was really scared of what was going on with my wife. Glad to say that things have been getting much better, we have changed up our diet, more plant based food. I have gotten her to take fish oil and we are taking vitamin D, these two on top of a multi vitamin have improved her mind and memory so much. She also seems much happier with life as well.

Me, where am I at this point in time? Feeling good, almost two weeks on the TNT plan A. This will be a full on attempt at the plan for the whole challenge. I tried it before but was not committed to the plan, so I only gave it half of the effort it needs. So here I am at 221 again and on my way down.

We got Netflix and all I have been watching is films about why our health is so bad. For all our knowledge we must be the dumbest animals on the planet!!! Killing ourselves with food and we pay people/companies to do it to ourselves, then we pay someone else to fix the problems we cause ourselves. So I am trying to step off of this merry go round. We are planting as much of our own food as we can, eating as many veggies as we can and cutting way back on the meat we have been eating. This week I plan on finding a local place to find better meat, there are a few local butchers. I figure that if we cut back on meat we will be able to afford much better quality.

Enough typing for the morning, I need to get a workout in. So good luck with your goals, so hit them hard and hit them often and see you all at the finish line.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loosing my friend

Anyone else have to wrestle just to get here to post?

Yesterday was a strange day.
Started out doing some yoga, even got hunny giving it a try. She use to do it quite a bit, classes and such. But with all that has been going on here she stopped. We started following something online, the frustration started as she could not hear and was rushing from worrying about messing up. Having all this time together has made it where I can tell when she starts to feel overwhelmed. She really starts to panic.
So we stopped that and went to work on sun salutation, a easy sequence.
I was trying to calm her down and get her to breathe, when she went into a full blown panic attack. The rapid breathing and crying and shaking. I am like WTF "how come your panicking?" she said " I am afraid, I could not remember what we just did"
I am getting this out here because I need to. I believe that my cancer and all that went with it has hurt my wife more than me. I think the stress and strain has changed her, possibly forever. I fear so much I am loosing her, she is not the woman she was a few years ago, she was never afraid of anything. Now she is afraid with me in our living room. She says this happens to her at work, a lot. There she runs and hides. My psychiatrist is going to see her soon I sure hope she can help Helaine, it would suck if my being well came at the price of hunny's happiness   :(

Sorry about that it started flowing.

I have been doing great since the challenge is over. Whats the deal with that???
Two rounds of yoga yesterday. 20 min on the stationary bike.
7 rounds
95 lbs cleans 3 rep
4 push ups

Today 3.3 mile run.
 Crossfit WOD
3 rounds
squat snatch one arm 10 rep@ 35 lbs that went to 20 lbs left arm could not lift it at all???
15 sit ups
10 reps left arm
10 hanging knee raises

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A couple of pic's from the Deception pass dash. Todd and I made the run in a boat I built from an old Russian frame I got from some friends. we had Christmas lights and well the balls were blue by the time we got back. Luckily we were the only boat in our class, so we got first and last at the same time.
It was a very good workout around 6 miles with 1/4 of it against some fair current. The race is set up so the faster you are the less current you have to fight. They base the ratings on the boats length to width, a slow sea kayak is around 9:1. I worked it out for our boat it hit just over 6.5:1, yes we worked way too hard.
Our time was 1:18 minutes about at the speed I run.

This was Turkey day. My first running race ever, have to say I had a blast. Was a bit nervous never having ran with other people before. It was interesting trying to bob and weave through the crowd, took my time and did not plow into anyone :) Once out of the start and up the first hill it started to thin out a bit. I noticed who was going the same speed and found a couple with a stroller to keep pace with. 
After about a mile or so legs loosened up and I started to pick people off, till I found the next marker for me.    
A couple of young ladies half my age, stayed with them till a little bit of a up hill. Held my pace till we got to the bottom of the down hill. ( note it was 2 miles down hill then 1 mile up hill to the finish) 
This is where I went after the guys that were my size that had been close to all the way. I knew I wanted to keep a steady pace and not blow up on the hill. So I did my down shift into low gear and started chugging, slowly the big guys started to crash and pull over to walk. I tried to keep the breath steady, man that hill was working me. About half way up all these people started to pass me, held my pace then realized it was the teammates of the people that were crashing getting on with their race.
I am getting near the top of the hill, lungs are bursting and legs are going WTF are we doing. When I start to get passed by all these little kids, I mean they were flying by me. Good thing it did not bother me too much, I got over that as I have been passed by lots of 3' tall munchkins ripping it up on the ski slopes, same thing. Later figured it out they were running the 1 mile course that fed into the 5k near the end.
Ok made the hill down into the parking lot for the finish. No one is going any faster than they were up the hill, screw this. I open it up as much as I had left, bet I passed 25 people in the last 150'.  Ran through the finish without killing anyone, walked out the back side till I caught my breath. Hunny and the friends that came to cheer found me. It was awesome to see the smiles on their faces, they were so happy for me which made me very happy as well.  
My first race was just too much fun. Yeppers there are more on the way.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Ok, the PLP is getting to be no funand I am only half way there. Not really it is not too bad it is all the other stuff I do with it. Like 100 45 lbs KB and 26 burpees today. So 30 was the count for the PLP.

I changed tactics to make it a bit easier.
10-Kb 10 burpees 10 pull ups
10 KB 10 lunges 10 push ups
10 KB 10 burpees 10 pull ups
10 KB 10 lunges
10 KB 10 push ups
10 KB 6 burpees
10 Kb 10 pull ups
10 KB 10 lunges
10 KB 10 push ups
10 KB
It is not that much eaiser. I then did a very Baby "Isabelle" 30 snatches with 65 lbs in 2:13 Should of gone heavier, next time I will do the girls weight :)

I have been getting in more protein, I was feeling very drained. I am happy with the weight loss. I want to go a bit farther with it, then worry if I have lost any muscle. I don't think I have, just not much endurance.

Make this a great week.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, I went out this morning to get in my Kb's and burpees in. I have to say this was the first time I believe I bonked. I had not ate since 4 pm the day before, I could tell while out there. The last 50 KB's just killed me. I broke the up way too much, I actuall thought about not getting in my 100. I pushed through it.

I have been remodling part of the kitchen this week. So when not working out I am doing that. I hate waiting for mud to dry.

6-ish got out and hit my PLP 28 reps today. I have to say lunges are way easier with out the wall ball and back pack with weight. Almost like cheating :) After 30 will be back at the extra weight.

Hope you have a super weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I decided to break up some of the excersizes I have been doing, they were getting too much. So today I got out early and did the KB's and burpees. 50 KB's then 16 burpees, then finished up the 50 other KB's. I had to break up the last 50, got to 35 then break.

At lunch I got out and ran 3.6 miles. Legs felt like crap, they did not want to work at all. They started to feel better around mile 1. It was not the fastest run but I did get it in.

Then after dinner I went out and did 25 reps of PLP. So glad I get to drop the pack tomorrow. Might be easier on me tomorrow, I hope.

Have a great day tomorrow.